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Proprietors of The Blue Apron Restaurant, Sarah and Kenan, are proud to have established a popular Tullamore restaurant that creates fine cuisine in an intimate and relaxed setting. Since their inception in July 2011, their popularity has secured vested interests from across the globe, drawing strong favourable reviews from connoisseur diners and others alike. The name ‘Blue Apron’ comes from French ‘kitchen etiquette’ – in France, a new chef will receive a ‘Blue Apron’ when they begin their training. Sarah and Kenan chose this name as they believe that, no matter how good a restaurant is, there is always room for improvement.

Sarah and Kenan are partners in life, including business, with Kenan as Head Chef and Sarah taking on front of house. Owning and running a high quality restaurant has always been the long-term goal for this young couple, who have three young children.

Kenan, who comes from a long line of chefs, started out his training when he was just fifteen. He worked his way across two continents, gaining experience in locations as diverse as the five star Hyatt in Istanbul and the Michelin starred restaurant in Dublin, l’Ecrivain.

Tullamore native Sarah Thomas is relishing her role working with her husband and together they feel they have all the ingredients to provide a special dining experience within Tullamore.

The menu in The Blue Apron is varied, with something to suit everyone’s palate, from locally sourced meat to fresh fish and a vegetarian option, which is changed monthly. All dishes are made from scratch within their own kitchen, with a keen eye on seasonality and ingredients. All produce is sourced locally, as Kenan believes that it is vital for local businesses to support one another in an economy that presents many challenges.

Together with their staff, Kenan and Sarah invite you to a unique and pleasurable dining experience!